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Variable Hi Hat Pedal

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  • Variable Hi Hat Pedal

    This variable hi hat control pedal uses a variable resistor - this looks awesome. Does anyone have instructions they could link on how to build a similar design?

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    Hi, I just did mine this week and it works, just type Beatnik mirror in google and in the site click on variable hihat controller for hihat stand.

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      One thing...

      Variable resistor thingie says stuff about the td10 that isn't 100% accurate.

      There are only 3 possible sounds that a TD10 makes based on a "variable" hihat, open, closed and chick. It doesn't have the capability to to a "lightly closed to tightly closed" sound like the 12 and 20.

      Still, it would be a very inexpensive way to get a normal acting hihat!

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