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DIY Snare (Dual Zone)

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  • DIY Snare (Dual Zone)

    I'm pulling off my snare head and replacing it with a mesh head. How is the dual-zone ddrum snare trigger (link below)?

    Is there any signal bleeding? Is it pretty responsive? Will this even work?

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    You might try posting in the products section using the product name in the header. I have no experience with these.
    chris :D


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      I just recently outfitted my snare with a DDrum snare trigger going into the TD20. It works perfectly fine so far and I can't tell an audible difference between the Roland pad and my DIY. The feel is alot more realistic for some reason probably because it IS a real snare.

      The only minor downside to it is you have to get an XLR to TRS female adapter to adapt it to the TRS jack. I picked one up at my local GC for like 5-6 bucks in the adapters section.
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        Thanks for the reply! I'll let you know how it turns out.


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          Positional Sensing with modules that support the feature is what you lose with edge mounted triggers. I don't like to loose features like that myself.
          I could tell you where to stick that piezo! ;)
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