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Dual-zone cymbal, what piezo?

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    Originally posted by Addicted View Post
    Yes, I have thought about that. Thing is, I want to be able to still use the extra output, as I also want to add a china-cymbal and maybe also a cowbell.
    So it looks like Keith Raper is my best friend in expanding my drums.

    The progress so far:
    I've bought the stuff and just put together the KRC. It seems to be working fine, except that it won't trigger my rim sound.
    When I'm adjusting the sounds, it does recognize the rim-piezo. But when in 'playing mode' it doesn't give me rim sounds. I've tried several inputs, all have this problem.
    Looks like you are making progress. Not to beat a dead horse but have you thought of trying something like this for a dual zone cymbal?



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      Thanks Hellfire.
      No, I haven't thought about that. I'm just new in this whole electronic world and I only knew it was possible to do A2E-cymbal conversion, using piezo's.
      But basically it's just a choke-switch? But it can also be used as a second zone, which in my case is a bell?
      The idea looks very interesting, since it can seriously improve the triggerperformance of the bell, I think.
      Do I still need a 2nd piezo for this? How does it work? I can't quite get how to build this circuit.


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        After some thoughts about how to map my drumkit, I've come up with a simple design, as posted earlier.
        My dualzone ride will be built out of 2 seperate piezo's for the cup and bow, which will be connected to the 9/10 input of my module. This way I can easily adjust sensivity of the piezo's.
        My current ride-pad will be used as a china and will be connected to my floortom via the KRC.
        My CPY-10 splash, which I expect to be delivered any moment, will be connected to my hi-hatpad, also via the KRC. Since I won't use the combo's floor/china and hi-hat/splash.
        Still, thanks for all the help, you guys!
        I will post my progress soon, but next week school is priority #1.


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          Source for Aluminium flashing in UK

          Looking at Hellfire's design and am interested in trying it out, does any one know of a source for the metal flashing in the UK
          Electronica: Roland TD-3, PD105, PD8s, Koby mesh kick pad: Acoustica: Pearl Forum, Paiste 101s, DW remote Hi hat


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            I think any regular hardware shop will have it.


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              Originally posted by Addicted View Post
              I think any regular hardware shop will have it.
              I second that.


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                I've been to a recyclingstore today, where they have a lot of (mostly 2ndhand) metal, rubber, etc.
                I found myself a sheet of rubber, fairly heavy. About 2mm thick. One side is flat, the other side has ribs on it. Looks like it's perfect.
                The topside of my cymbal will be flat, I've already cut that out and also cut out the cup in order to attach it nicely (without any bumps).
                The bottomside will be glued with the flat side to the cymbal, so it has better contact. The first trials seem promising. It's fairly quiet, but due to the weight of the rubber, the cymbal does play a bit heavy.
                So when it's all glued together (with the piezo's underneath), then I will glue some mousepadrubber on the playing surface, for a better bounce and less contact noise.
                I'm planning on making some pictures this weekend, so stay tuned.

                btw, in that store I also found 'rimnoise-eleminator'. Just a rubber strip of a car door. Perfect. And it only costed me about 0.40 euro (for 1.5m).