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Piezo Trigger Source

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  • Piezo Trigger Source

    I have just completed a full DIY E Drum kit.

    My knowledge was zero before I spent time here researching.
    I want to thank all the folks out here that have posted info and links on how to DIY. I combined the techniques and materials from a few sources and now have a working kit connected to a TD-20. The feel and sound is amazing!!

    While the total kit still was rather pricey, I did save a bunch on the actual drum trigger kit. I wanted the sound of the TD-20 and VH12 hihat so I needed to save money on the playing surface of the drum kit.

    I hope the following helps another in building their DIY kit

    PIEZO TRIGGERS at Digi-Key, www.digikey.com
    I purchased 30 of p/n: 102-1128-ND from them at $1.30 each plus s/h


    they are 35mm across the metal back and about 23 mm across the ceramic front. They come bare with no housing attached and have a pair of very fine lead wires

    Foam Cones:
    A friend is a body repairman. they use a 3M foam sanding pad that can be purchased at auto repair shops and auto paint supply houses. I punched out discs from these pads - stacked 3 together and cut the cones from that.

    3M PART#: 051131-05526, No. 20 WETORDRY sponge pad

    I just saw the link about the NERF BALL foam. I like the idea of one solid blob of foam. I'll try that next.

    I used the foam tape method for assembly. I found that, although the glue surface held, the foam of the average 3M White double face stuff breaks down and the foam crumbles. I have reparied with 3M VHB double face tape (Very High Bond) available form local sign companies.

    http://www.picturetrail.com/sfx/album/view/9042765 for the technique.
    I used most of what he shows.

    I used a metal snare drum - had to isolate the mounting for the stereo jack from the metal case of the snare shell to get rid of a humming noise.

    I also tried an adaptation of the technique used to convert a Remo practice pad. I used the Remo Dead Ringer plastic tray and mounted a metal disc by sandwiching in it the foam ring. the trigger is attached to the plate and the cone is stuck to it. (I did have to make a rather short cone for this method) I tweeked the settings on the TD-20 and the snare makes rim shots, cross stick and plays like a real snare drum. time will tell if this holds up or will need maintenance. but for now I love the sound and action.

    I used the Hart Magnum heads. Got them and the TD-20 from RMC Audio

    Rack System:
    None, I found 2, used, double tom stands to hold the four e-toms. I cut the two donor toms in half to make four toms, and cut the donor floor tom in half to make the bass drum. The bass drum is set in and screwed to a block of wood made from 3 lengths of 2x6 lumber sandwiched together. A recess was cut out so the drum sits down in the wood and a metal tab is attached to the bottom of the block so the base pedal has something to mount to.

    again, thank you all for the information that you have supplied
    TD-20 (non expanded), acoustic look DIY a to e conversion - some cake pan/ some crossbar method. DIY cymbals, VH-12 :-)
    Psalm 150
    had the best times with this band https://www.facebook.com/SaintHooliganMusic
    YouTube video postings: https://www.youtube.com/user/racer52online/videos
    Vdrums Photo Albums: http://www.vdrums.com/member/26923-racer52/media

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    Sounds great from what I read. Are you able to post some pictures of your build? Also, how did you handle your cymbals?

    BTW, welcome aboard!