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New Frame on TD-6

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  • New Frame on TD-6

    I sold my beautiful TD-12 and went back to the TD-6 (rubber pads) I was gutted as it went out the door and 5 days later still not feeling well..So I thought I'd at least try to make the td6 the same size..

    Ali = $100
    Powder coating (pics soon) = $30

    We had a jam last night with the 3 of us and I don't know about proper drummers but I like the raw sound the td-6 made..I went for a single mic in a room live sound and compressed it to slight distortion.
    We lost our drummer so we all take turns to thrash them, we never did deserve a TD-12
    I'm getting another td6 mesh kit to add to it

    Ive found the td6 and 3 frames to small and this is a very cheap way to get a workable size, pro-forming the roll to the frame is to expensive at $85 per 5 metres so I'm not doing it, maybe in the future to made it look just like the td12 frame.
    All fixtures were taken from the original td6 frame and Ive added nothing as yet. It's now more stable than the original frame.

    td-6 drum frame

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    I can see in the pics the result of the change to the rack, but it's unclear to me in your explaination just exactly how you did it... could you explain a bit better for us slow folks?


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      My fault entirely for not being clear.
      I cut two 5 metre Aluminum tubes to size (as per diagram on the link I put up)

      I used 38mm outside diameter and 3mm thick (TD6 frames are 1.5mm I think) tubing so it's stronger, All I did was pull off all the td6 fittings, mounts, rubbers fitting and slid on the new bits I cut up. You may have thought I was being more clever than I actually was The hardest part was removing the plastic ends.
      It's just a simple kit but wait till it gets back from the powder coaters, it should look very nice..I will pro-form the tubing so it's like the td12, it's all a bit exciting really.
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        Hi There

        Forgive my ignorance but is this the standard size for all TD6 racks the blue featherd kind 38mm diam x 3mm thick alloy tube?

        I am keen to add length to my main cross bars as my acoustic converts are taking up more space than I first thought...lol

        Nice pics and with the powder coat and choice of colour this brings should look the muts nuts

        TD-12 VEX TMC-6 A2E kit 16 pieces and growing and a cursed left handed child of the devil.


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          Hey Navare ..The latest TD-6 frame is 38mm OD, I see it's distorted when they pro-formed it the factory but it makes no difference to us. It's wall thickness is 1.5mm, pretty thin but very light, mine seems just as light as well.. there can't be much in it.
          I had the older blue frame TD-6 a while ago but I don't know its wall thickness but it seems all Roland and Yamaha frames are 38mm outside diameter.
          Yes :-) I can't wait to see it rolled and coated..
          I'm cutting 2 frames up tomorrow and off to get it rolled, powder coating takes 3 days I'm told.

          As for the size, I made mine around 150mm bigger all round than the TD-12 and the TD-12 is about 250mm bigger than a standard TD-6.
          You can use the cross members off the old frame to strengthen the new one as well.
          It should look pretty close to the $1700 TD-12 frame when all done at a cost of about $270, the TD-12 is made of steel but who's going to know .

          You didn't consider making a new frame as I did? it would give you heaps of room to mount anything in the future eh.
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            Hey there...

            I am thinking more on the vertical or cage build in future as being 6' 7" I need lots of room. I am currently running around 15 triggers via a TD10 and TD6 combo, I just want more bar length on the mid dle,left and right frames so going for 1.5 meters and 2x 1 meter bars, not too fused on colour or finish as I might just tape wrap them as it's only a spare room kit will never see the road...lol

            Thanks for the advice though.

            TD-12 VEX TMC-6 A2E kit 16 pieces and growing and a cursed left handed child of the devil.