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what should i expect from 12" snare

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  • what should i expect from 12" snare

    First off I've searched the forums already and found a few posts regarding this but nobody can seem give any real details which is what I'm looking for. So please if you can help please do. Ok, so I hit around the outer edge of the head I dont get the same intensity as when hit in the center. I can compensate for this by using the LOG1 setting in my td-6, however then I feel I'm losing a bit of dynamics that way, and I wanna keep the sensitivity setting on the low side. Do the roland pd 120/125's have this problem, because I can't recall that they did. I've read a few posts where people said their pd120/125 was experiencing this issue but I didn't think the majority of all roland 120/125's had it. My 10" toms do not experience this issue. Anyone know how to fix this without changing module parameters, or am I just expecting too much? btw I'm using the spider design made from plexiglass with tri-mount aluminum circle and it triggers beautifully, except for the above.

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    This is an interesting...Many folks, myself included, set up the snare how we like it, but feel the very center can be a "hot spot", meaning overly sensitive. You are basically describing a hot spot, but in reverse. You'll need to try to reduce the "hot" center, then make the whole pad a bit more sensitive.
    Hot spots have been discussed here quite a bit. You are correct in trying the LOG1 setting, but there are other things to try as well. Check this thread, as I was having a problem with the TD9:

    or this:

    while I was never able to completely rid the hot spot, it has been greatly reduced.


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      Maybe I'm miss-reading the post, but I have the impression produc3d is complaining of a lower intensity at the rim than at the center. He says it's not "the same", but I can't see where he says it's higher or lower.

      Help me out here. Does the TD6 employ postitional sensing for the snare? If so, I would say that that is the cause, and shouldn't the intensity be lower near the edge in that case? If your TD6 has an adjustment for rim sensitivity, perhaps adjusting that will help. I'm just stabbing in the dark here, as I have never owned one...


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        I use the Log2 curve for my snare and toms, and the Loud1 curve for my cymbals. I don't get the very subtle nuances like true ghost notes & such from this setup, and I don't really expect it to reproduce the same response you would get from an acoustic snare, but it does give me an acceptable response from all around the head. Perhaps as Stick suggests, modules that provide for positional sensing, produce a more realistic response.

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