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Help with a DIY 14" snare

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  • Help with a DIY 14" snare

    I am going to be picking up a wooden 14" snare on Monday and I plan on converting it over to an edrum, but I need some guidance. I am unsure of what all materials I will need (like what size peizos and how many). I am also unsure of how to wire everything.

    I found a 14" Roland Mesh Head that I will be getting from ebay. I also found some nice looking cones on ebay from UFO Drums. As for everything else, I am unsure of what I need. Thanks for any help.
    My e-kit

    My a-kit

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    I just cut up a mouse mat and used some double sided tape on my first e-cymbal 14".

    ¤ cymbal arm with soft cushions.
    ¤ one 27mm piezo with doublesided tape under the cymbal
    ¤ a female TRS Out 1/4"
    ¤ led
    ¤ wire

    If you want several piezos it becomes tricky. I haven't dared to try since I don't like to fail.

    Actually I just bought a pair of 14" hihats with stands two hours ago. Three e-cymbals will be sufficient for now.

    EDIT: I had cymbals on my mind, so I misread your question. =)

    I described how I did my snare on my kit. Check my week old messages in statistics.
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      As you might guess, there are lots of resources for DIY'ing mesh head drums out there. For what it's worth, the 35mm piezo's sold at Digikey are what a lot of people use under the cone.

      My page is old and probably leaves a few questions unanswered, but it's got some pictures of a 12" tom I built a few years ago. Maybe that will help? It's worth pointing out that I don't recommend the Pearl head shown in the photo.