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The best budget kit for an AtoE conversion

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  • The best budget kit for an AtoE conversion

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    If you were in the states I'd suggest looking on craigslist for an used beginners set... Not sure if Europe has something like that... I like buying locally in person then I can haggle them down a bit...

    Where I live (SF Bay Area) I'll sometimes see a kit in playable condition (all hardware/cymbals included) for $100USD... slap some contact paper on that and put some triggers in and you've got a fairly inexpensive AtoE set...


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      i bought my tempro kit for $100 while i was on vacation in ohio. Craigslist for the win.

      It took quite a while for a kit to come up, but if you are patient, you can find one. Sometimes there are some cheap hits at music-go-round as well.



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        Used is always the cheapest way to get a kit. My suggestion is to try to find a complete kit that includes all of the pieces you need. It's always cheaper to go that route VS trying to buy a kit piece-by-piece.

        I'm supposedly picking up a Groove Percussion Junior 5-piece kit tonight for $50 US. Includes the whole kit, bass pedal, cymbals, the works. I'm personally only interested in a few of the pieces and will sell the remainder. I've also purchased a complete 5 piece Pearl kit with Zildjian A series cymbals for $360. And two 5 piece Groove Percussion kits for $300 for both full kits. Just sharing some costs to give you an idea of what is possible, at least in my local region. You just have to be patient and always looking to snag the best deals.