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please help me with my snare

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  • please help me with my snare

    I've now got a poron cone made up and mounted in my 12" snare. The cone is a perfect shape. I used a jig and a bandsaw to cut it out. The poron fixed my double triggering issues but I've lost the ability to do fluid buzz roll near the rim. I've tried several cone hieghts but still no luck. I never had problems with buzz roll using a ufo cone. I think thats because its more firm than the poron. My head tension is 2 whole turns on each lug, sometimes 2 1/2. I'm also using a td-6. I've heard some people say that they couldn't get good rolls until they tried a td-8 or td-10, but I dont think my module could effect it since I was getting good rolls before. Any suggestions on what I should do???