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What do you guys think about this pad?

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  • What do you guys think about this pad?

    Remo "Drum-O-Pad" $29.99

    Has anyone ever tried it? Would it make a good, cheap trigger for a roland kit?


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    I have one (came with my drumometer) and it works, but it is very loud compared to rubber or mesh. And it is only mono. It also uses a funky threaded mount so you may have to make something clever to mount it to a stand.


    • #3
      Negatives - As Render mentioned - noisy, threaded mount, and only single-zone.
      Positives - Inexpensive, adjustable tension (thus adjustable bounce), cool colors.

      I would opt for a dual-zone rubber pad with heavy-duty mount, personally.


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        Haven't tried one of those, but I did make one just like it a few years ago and it did work okay. Here are the DIY instructions I used:



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          On another note, those wrist strap supports on that website look pretty interesting. I have mild carpal tunnel from drumming and lifting weights and was looking for something to better stabilize my wrists. Looks like I can use those for both hobbies...

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