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DIY Hihat Question

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  • DIY Hihat Question

    How do you trigger the hi hat "foot closed" or "sock" articulation?

    (...the sound of closing the hat without striking it; aka jazz hat)

    I bought the FD 7 off ebay but haven't finished building MegaDdrum so I can't test it.
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    I thought about it it and I believe I answered my question.

    The piezo on the cymbal/pad responds to the strike.
    The pedal sends ctrl data that triggers the "sock hat" articulation.


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      Foot chik and foot splash are both controlled directly in MegaDrum. There's a configuration option to set a MIDI NOTE for each of these events. How MegaDrum actually handles these I can't say. That'd be a better question for the MegaDrum forum. I'll go post one now as I'm curious how it processes foot chik sounds, more specifically when.