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Shielded vs. non shielded cables

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  • Shielded vs. non shielded cables

    In my setup, I've used all shielded cables. But on the second set I'm working on I would like to keep the cost down. This set may be used for gigs, so I would need as clean a sound as I can get. Which cables are a must to be shielded and which can just be standard stereo cables? I am using an Alesis module and standard DIY piezo/roland style pickups.

    I would assume that the two wires that go from the module to the mixing board could be standard stereo cables (I may be wrong), but what about the cables from the pick-up to the module? Could standard speaker wire be used w/o interference?

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    I think so. I tried some CAT5 cable once, to save on space - that worked brilliantly (great for noise elimination) and very cheap.
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      Generally you don't have to worry about the quality of the cable from the trigger to the module. As long as all the connections are solid, it will get the job done. You only need to worry about cables carrying audio signals.


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        Cheapest per-channel TRS solution I've come up with is the snakes from Siesmic Audio on eBay. http://stores.ebay.com/Seismic-Audio...QQftidZ2QQtZkm

        They do accept offers as well. Got a 15' 16 channel TRS snake for $42.99 shipped. Just cut back the snake wrap to be able to fan out the trigger-end of the snake and you're good to go.
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