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Long Neutrik TRS jack NYS221 and cable issues

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  • Long Neutrik TRS jack NYS221 and cable issues

    I've used the Neutrik NYS221 TRS jacks on all of my drum conversions.

    I've noticed that some cables do not seem to work well in these jacks. Specifically I cannot get the second zone connected to the ring/sleeve unless I pull the cable out of the jack slightly. I haven't been able to visually identify some gross difference between the cable ends to determine why this is.

    The exact same cables work great in both brands of cheap-O plastic TRS jacks I've used in my cymbal conversions. So it appears to be related to this jack specifically.

    Has anyone else had similar issues with these jacks?

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    Yes, thats been pretty well documented here.

    I only have an issue with one of the jacks, the one on my floor tom. I put a small rubber o-ring on the sleeve as Jman suggested, and no more issues. It's a very simple and inexpensive fix.

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