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Edge triggering

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  • Edge triggering

    Hopefully the term is good enough for what i'm curious about.

    I saw a picture of JManWord's kick trigger. he has an L bracket, piezo, and foam cone. no crossbar etc. Now i'm wondering if anyone has tried doing the same thing on the other drums. I know positional sensing wouldn't work, but i'm curious how it would perform? Any opinions?


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    and just to clarify, i'm not talking about triggering the rim.


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      On the kick the beater strikes the head in a constant location so you do not need an even trigger response...on a snare/tom you would notice an uneven response with the trigger so close to one side...just my opinion
      chris :D


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        well the comercial kits (ddrum-Trigger-Kit) are like that...

        (thinking aloud here)

        Trigger location like this would help with the Kit I'm planning on building, Having a crossbeam seems very unappealing to me for some reason...

        Could it be remedied with multiple piezo's somehow? to avoid getting too uneven of a response....


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          i was wondering the same thing. I had the ddrum triggers in mind when i thought about it. Guess i might just have to try it out and see,


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            Obviously it works since Roland, DDrum and Perfect Trigger all do it that way with their add-on triggers. I would assume you get a better and more even response doing it in the middle, but many have used those triggers with great success.


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              There's other posts about this. Supposedly the only thing you lose is positional sensing, if you even have a module that supports it. And obviously your bass drum doesn't have PD anyway so it's definitely an appropriate method for that trigger.


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                maybe i'll go buy a bracket and play with my snare to see how it works. I have an Alesis Trigger I/O so i don't think i'm worried about the PS.


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                  I use the crossbar design, and recently moved my snare's sensor assembly from it's original position on the center of the bar to about 1/4 of the distance from the edge closest to me when sitting at the kit. I was getting weird triggering when I struck the head in the middle (I guess this would be hot spotting) and now the overall playing sound is much more even. That being said, I use a TD-3 module that doesn't have positional sensing, so I'd guess you'd have to do some trial & error tweaking if positional sensing is an issue.

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