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Source for Damping and acoustic foams

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  • Source for Damping and acoustic foams

    I'm a new member and enjoying reading through the wealth of info on the site. I'm looking to purchase my first edrum set, or maybe even DIY it.

    I figured I'd share a link to a source for acoustic and damping foams that I've used in car audio for some time. They have different sized rolls and thicknesses of many great foam compositions, one of the best I've found is the neoprene. Its an excellent decoupling and dampening material.
    Anyways, here is the link...hope it is useful to some of you fellas
    Oh, and the best part is they are relatively cheap

    On a side note, living in an apartment I've found that putting a layer of neoprene under my tower speakers and sub (I also use Alesis Monitor Two's) really helps to decouple the speaker cabinets and stands from the floor. IE- It doesn't transfer vibration and helps to reduce sound penetration to the neighbors below, which is always a good thing.

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    I couldn't resist...


    Sabre's Album


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      Thanks Sabre


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        That looks like a great link Captain... and good tips with the Neoprene too.

        ....and, of course, welcome aboard


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          Very good tips indeed. What thickness would you recommend as i know a lot of people are having trouble that the bass "thumping" travels trough walls?

          And of course, welcome!

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            Thanks for the welcome guys (and gals).
            As for dampening for walls, I'd definitely try to get a 2 part barrier for that. Something with some mass to cover the wall with (the more dense it is the better), and then some acoustic foam to help break up sound wave reflection. Once you start getting into the thick (1/2" and up) neoprene and other closed cell foams, they can start to get expensive so maybe some substitutes can be found. You can sometimes find cheap cork rolls at hardware stores...maybe even online. That would also be a great sound/vibration barrier for floors/walls.

            The stuff I used on the floor was 3/8" neoprene. I also used some 1/8" Volara to make a sort of sandwich layer. Really helps quelch the vibration you'll get in the floor.