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Roland Dual Trigger Design

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  • Roland Dual Trigger Design

    I found some pictures on this web site.
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    the two piezos are stacked together. Upper piezo is the rim piezo, and bottom piezo is head piezo.

    Anyone try this design? Can share any photo.

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    The only 'conversion' in those pictures is the color change.

    The PD-80R is a dual-zone pad. Thats the way they come.
    If you're thinking about adding a second trigger to a PD-80 (no R) single zone pad, those pictures won't help you other than to show you a possible solution. I can't recall seeing any information anywhere about converting a single zone PD-80 to dual zone. And I don't have any first hand knowledge of the pad design to know whether you could just buy the PD-80R guts from Roland and retro-fit the PD-80 to a PD-80R dual zone equivalent.

    And I think you've got it backwards... the upper sensor would be the head sensor. The lower one would be for the rim.

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      What I mean is not modify PD-80 to a dual trigger pad, but diy a dual trigger pad base on roland stack piezo design.

      I saw all the diy pads, the rim piezo is mounted on rim. Just wondering anyone try Roland stack piezo design?

      I will try this method, but I don't have a Roland drum module until Oct, so now I can only wait.