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Attaching shells to rack

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  • Attaching shells to rack

    Okay so I hit kind of a snag today and realized it was only because of my own stupidity....I never thought how I'd attach the shells to my rack! Its made out of ABS plastic tubing. I have some rim mounts from my acoustic kit but not enough of them. How have you guys attached or supported your drums?

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    what size is that tubing? If it's 1-1/2" you can use any standard clamp mount, there are tons of different kinds from Gibraltar. A lot of DIY stuff will be with typical tom mounts that use L-rods.
    I think (not positive) that floor tom leg mounts are the same size. But you can get the parts from plenty of different places:


    you can see it on the two center toms in this photo:

    I'm basically using these clamps:
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    If they slip a little on that ABS plastic you may need to put a thin strip of rubber between the clamp and the rack to hold it solid in place. Remember that there's gonna be weight hanging on the side of the clamp which will make it want to go down, plus every time you strike a drum that'll add to the potential slippage.
    Stick twirling - because you obviously have mastered all other aspects of drumming already, right?


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      Thanks for the tip, I'll give it a try. I have a few floor tom leg mounts from my 16" that I could probably use...and scrounge up the 12" rim mounts from an acoustic set. Not sure about the 13"s since I only have easy access to a fusion set, but I'll give it a shot. If worst comes to worst I figure I can take a piece of ABS tubing, epoxy it to the rest of the rack and bolt the drum to a T-joint. We'll see--still trying to figure out this build!



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        update: I think for now I'm just going to use my old drum hardware to mount the toms on arms using a heavy duty stand. We'll see where that gets me.

        Now, bigger news! I found a foam that is EXCELLENT for insulation and padding the crossmembers, and currently testing it with triggers. You know those cheap foam "promo" balls that you get as stupid giveaways from companies? My emploryer ordered about 10,000 of these (no joke, there are 10 boxes of 1000 of these things sitting in the cubicle across from me as I type this) to give away. So I cut one open last night to see what type of foam was inside (has a somewhat firm exterior). Its fairly dense, low-memory foam that looks perfect for a cone. I've stuck it in between all the bolts in my crossmember/brackets to reduce vibration and it works like a charm! Its not pretty, but it insulates far better than the neoprene grommets I got from home depot. I'll snag a bunch more of them and see what I can come up with and test.

        Unfortunately I'm out of money and time for this project so I have to work with really cheap materials. As a college student who is about to start another semester, I need $ for books, and this set kinda set me back financially . I just want to get this done at this point and work on it more when I have more of the tools and materials available at home.