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Under construction A-E

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  • Under construction A-E

    In the process of building a PDP EZ A-E conversion, I have the complete drum set, a TD-7 module, Pulse triggers (just to test the module), and will be buying a complete electronic kit to acquire the other parts I'll need (FD-7, KD-7, stand, cables, etc.), then sell off the parts I won't need (rubber pads, plastic cymbals, etc.), as I ultimately upgrade to mesh heads and (Zildjian Pitch Black) metal cymbals with Jman's Stealth triggers!

    My goal is to build a higher end, low-budget, basic kit, that I can expand with, just to use with my own other home music equipment, as a hobby I enjoy.
    So far, I'm under $300 in the drums/module/triggers, and I'd like to keep it all under $1,000, if I can...

    Pics will come as I assemble the set...

    There is so much encouragement, and inspiration, and just flat out ingenious ideas and creativity here, that I just love to check in everyday, to see who has posted new upgrades/modifications/improvements, that they've done with their kits.

    I can't say it enough, but Thanks to everyone here who make this board worth coming back to, from friendly advice, to talented musicians sharing latest projects, and everyone involved with drumming here; V-drums is the place to be!

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    No drum pics, yet, but here's just some of my equipment that I'll be adding them to: