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3 zone snare

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  • 3 zone snare

    i was thinking of 2 approaches to create a 3 zone snare (rimshot, regular hit, rim click)

    cut down a shell in the middle vertically and then insert rubber between the 2 arcs to make the shell whole again. you now have 2 separate spaces to attach piezo (see attachment 3zonepad.jpg). you dont even need to glue them back again as its easy to create slots on the rubber to align the arcs and then just let the head and lugs hold them together.


    use a regular dual zone drum and then add a groove wedge with a piezo for the rim click

    im leaning towards option 1 which is more work but its cleaner

    now my only problem is how to do the wiring on my alesis trigger io. any thoughts?
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    Originally posted by peeves24 View Post
    now my only problem is how to do the wiring on my alesis trigger io. any thoughts?
    Interesting idea. I don't think I'd go that far, but then I just got single input pads and my first dual zone cymbal! I'm an eDrum luddite.. but just because I have other financial priorities!

    Anyway, as far as the IO goes, you will need 2 jacks, one stereo, and one mono, and plug the stereo cord into the snare input, and the single into an aux. The IO can only handle 2 sounds per input, one for the tip, one for the ring.
    Alesis DM10 & Trigger IO, 5 8" single input DIY shells; 2 18" DIY Bass drums, 1 13" DIY eSnare, PinTech 14" Visulaite Hi-Hats, 2 PinTech 14" choke-able crashes & 18" dual-zone ride; Steven Slate Drums EX. Mounted on Superstrut custom rack.


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      yeah i thought i was going to use 2 jacks but i was also considering how to kill the dual zone output (stereo) in favor of the mono (which is the rim click). i was thinking of doing a 3-way raper switch

      i just realized that i was making it too complicated for myself when i can just adjust my technique. instead of playing the rim click using the normal way which will position the stick on the 7 o'clock and 1 o'clock of the drum, i can just position the stick over one side of the arc.

      then again, if there's a way to do rim clicks the conventional way then i'll try it.
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        Have you tried simply putting 1 piezo near the rim closest to you and another furthest? Lots of physical distance could provide enough room for crosstalk elimination via your module.

        The easy way out is to just assign a rim from a tom as the click, another for sidestick, and on and on.

        Though your idea is certainly interesting.


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          im not sure if physical distance is enough and i want to minimize tweaks on the module (im fairly new to this midi mumbo jumbo) so i also got some really small piezos the size of a cent.

          does piezo size have an effect on their sensitivity?