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Anyone Ever Had This Problem?

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  • Anyone Ever Had This Problem?

    I'm using a Roland TD-3 and converted Pintech practice cymbals, single zone with choke. I'm using a stereo "Y" cable to connect two cymbals to one input on the module, Most of the time this works just fine. I can crash and choke each cymbal. However, sometimes one cymbal goes totally dead for some reason. The other continues to work just fine, sort of like the working cymbal has "locked out" the other one. After a while, they both work fine again. I've tested each cymbal and all the wiring and everything is OK. I was thinking that maybe I needed some isolation between the two cymbals so I added a 22k series resistor in the output of each. Still does it, maybe less. It's hard to tell because it's quite intermittent. Anyone have any issues or seen anything like this with running two cymbals or whatever in parallel into a single input?

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    Which input are you using?
    chris :D


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      Originally posted by bogiesbad View Post
      Which input are you using?
      Crash1. Crash2 does the same thing too.