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Looking for help on DIY hi hat conversion

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  • Looking for help on DIY hi hat conversion

    Hello all, I have been floored by the amount of info on this site, it has been so helpful in building my DIY kit (I will post pictures when I am done).

    So far everything is pretty straightforward and I have been able to look at the the pictures and builds on here to get an idea of how things should be put together, but I'm not quite sure about the Hi Hat. My plan is to us a slide pot attached to the acoustic HH pedal for the controller and I have some practice cymbals to use for the actual hi hat cymbals which are going into my TD-10 and then through my firewire 410 into ezdrummer ( soon to be superior 2.0). How should I setup the piezo's in the hi hat? i haven't seen many pics of the inside of e-hihats. I want to start with single zone and then later move it to dual zone. For single zone, should I put a piezo on each cymbal and run them in series, or will that cause mistriggering? if one is the preferred method, should it be on the top or bottom?

    Any tips, pics or links would be HUGELY appreciated.


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    For a 1-zone hat I just stuck one piezo on the top hat about 1/2 way between the edge and bell.

    There's a variety of ways to tackle the pedal itself. I think the common is sticking the slider in a box via Beatnik's method here: http://www.derksens.com/E-drums/Beat...Controller.htm You can check my DIY story for how I'm trying mounting my slider inside my acoustic hihat conversion.


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      If you have a regular hat stand, why couldn't you utilize the "spring and level" from the actula foot pedal? In a sense you now have redundant spring actions going on.

      There must be a way to attach the potentiometer to the hat pedal so that (without adding an additional wire) you could slide the level naturally.

      I've said all without having built a thing, yet. I'm still researching... I could be way off base, here.


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        Right, I basically tried to do just that but by attaching the slider pot directly to the cymbals since the top one already moves up-and-down with the pedal action.

        Since there's no spring to force the slider to return to 0 (top, full open) it relies on the upper hat to fully open. The problem is it doesn't always do that for whatever reason. Opens, then moves back down slightly, or something. This really only affects heel splashes which are dependent on the slider hitting absolute 0, otherwise I'd never have even noticed. The only way to get splashes is to press the pedal all the way down and let go of it as fast as possible. If I don't do that specifically do that then the slider never hits 0 and I don't get my splash. I have a super cheap HH stand so there's no adjusting the stand spring tension as far as I can tell to help ensure when releasing the pedal it goes all the way up. Seems to be a spring tension issue, probably caused by the fact the slider has some of it's own tension and how the hat movement is being slowed/hampered slightly since it's physically linked to the slider. Just my first guess though.

        I'm sure there's a variety of ways to tackle implementing the slider. The pedal moves up-and-down. The pedal chain does as well. On mine the washer between the chain and felt at the bottom of the stand does, too. The top hat moves up-and-down. Plenty of places to physically connect the pot to the movement of the stand mechanisms. I chose inside the hats as it would be the most hidden installation.


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          why not hook the slider on the pot to the cymbal stand as that part moves up and down when you press on the pedal?