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Starting to hate my cymbals

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  • Starting to hate my cymbals

    So I've been DIY'ing my kit for a little over six months now. It's slow going, but coming along very nicely. It should be a nice clean job when all is said and done.

    The part I can't get a handle on is my DIY cymbals - I ordered some Pintech practice cymbals, which look great and were easy on my wallet, but I haven't been able to get them to perform to save my life.

    I've gotten them to trigger nicely, but only without putting any dampening on them. As soon as I put any kind of foam, mousepad rubber or anything on them, they don't trigger nearly as well (they work fine as crashes, but rides or 'hats don't respond well enough). I'm an apartment dweller, so silence is golden, and these plastic cymbals are LOUD.

    Long story short, I've read a lot of posts of others having the same problems with these plastic cymbals. Has ANYBODY figured out a good way to convert these Pintechs? If so, what sort of dampening/rubber did you use? I'm pretty close to just breaking down and getting some rubber Roland cymbals, but I would much rather finish converting these.

    Sorry for the novel, I'm just frustrated. Thanks for the help!

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    I used pintech practice cymbals for quite sometime before I bought my rolands. Where and how are the triggers attached?
    I used an L bracket and I attached them on the bow underneath. I sandwiched the piezo between the cymbal and bracket with screws (I used 2 face tape between the bracket and piezo, The 3m stuff that's about an 1/8" thick.) I attached the jack to to smaller part of the L.
    I had 1/4" rubber for the ride and crashes and they worked great. If I can dig up one of the cymbals I will post a picture of it.

    Good luck
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      I have a pair of the Pintech Zenbals. basically the practice style with a rubber coating over them, very quiet, and they trigger well. The only thing missing is that "plink'' feeling when doing ride pattterns. I don't switch back and forth from E's to A's so I've adjusted to it.
      Pintech E-Session powered by a Roland TD-6V, Korg Synthesizers, 88 Key CME Weighted Controller. Not enough time to play. :)