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Can I use a double kick pedal with KD7? DIY solution?

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  • Can I use a double kick pedal with KD7? DIY solution?

    I'm about to buy a TD-7 kit from a guy for $450. However I use double kick pretty regularly (I have a Tama Iron Cobra double pedal). Will I be able to use my double kick pedal with the KD7 trigger unit? It seems like the pad is only large enough to support one beater making contact. Do I just need to make that circular rubber pad larger?
    I'm posting here because there might be some DIY method to rig it up, but I didn't find an answer when I searched the forum. Maybe I don't know the right search teams (I'm a newb to v-drums).
    I really don't want to buy this kit and then have to buy another trigger or another pad. I'm trying to stay within a budget and I don't want a money pit.