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Cymbal project box paint

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  • Cymbal project box paint

    What paint are you guys using to blend the black plastic project boxes to your acoustic cymbals? I'm assuming any brass or gold colored paint will look fine but thought I'd ask before I blew $5 on a can.

    I search and found one reference to "PlastiKote gold spray paint". But I asumed some sort of Krylon paint specificaly for plastic would work. Ace didn't have any gold/brass colored Krylon so I would have had to buy white Krylon or something to use a a primer/base coat, then get gold/brass regular paint to do an over coat with. Probably too much paint and work for me to mask a black box with.

    Hoping to find a 1-coat solution.

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    I just use the plastikote gold paint. Wal-Mart is where I got mine from.