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Piezo cable

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  • Piezo cable

    It looks like the possibility of using "piezo cable" has been discussed on this forum very seldomly, mostly because it tends to be very expensive. One post, for example, referenced an ebay listing for a 6-inch piezo-cable microphone that was going for $45.

    I've found a source that might put the piezo-cable option in the price-range of more of us DIYers.

    Check it out

    It's very sensitive. According to the data sheets, it can be used in a mat upon which a person stands, in order to detect the vibrations from muscle twitches and circulation.

    At $15 per meter, it's not really too bad. $15 will line the entire rim of a 12 inch drum. It seems to me you could even have multi-zone rims with this stuff. And the site claims it's available for immediate online ordering.

    Who wants to be first to try it out? I might, once I'm done with my vanilla AtoE conversion. That'll be a while though. Come on, brave souls, pave the way