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DIY tom and snare trigger conversions

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  • DIY tom and snare trigger conversions

    First, I'd like to say thankyou for this forum and to everyone who has contributed to it... it's an absolute gold-mine of information. Using the info I found here I have just created 3 new tom and a snare trigger for my TD-6 based kit.

    I bought a pair of ex-display Stag 10" toms for about 3 each (both of which I cut in half horizontally giving me 3 shallow toms and a spare half-shell that is being converted into a subkick microphone for use in my studio), a used Stagg 13x3.5" Piccolo snare, a pair of 13" mesh heads and a slection of peizo triggers off eBay... got some 10" mesh heads from an online store and a selection of aluminium extrusion, steel brackets and nuts & bolts from my local DIY store: Homebase (in the UK). Total outlay was around 100 to build 3 toms and a snare trigger. I used some XLR sockets and cable I already had. My little "splurge" was to buy 3 heavy duty tom mounts from Highwood Drums (at an extra cost of 40 - and they are superb!). All the construction techniques were gleaned from this forum... I especially liked the idea of using bolts to make a variable height platform for the piezos so that the foam cones could be adjusted to make lighter or heavier contact with the mesh heads.

    The kit is comprised of: Roland TD-6, Millenium 1.5" steel tube rack, the new 3x10" DIY tom tirggers and 13" DIY snare trigger, Millenium MPS300 kick drum pad, Millenium double bass drum pedal, Roland CY-8 (for ride), CY-5 & FD-8 (for HiHat), 2 x Millenium Stereo cymbal pads. The kit is used mainly for programming drums using BFD2 in Cubase 4 when writing & recording and also for band rehearsals with the covers band in which I play keyboards

    The photos:


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    Nice work!

    Hi Dave

    Very nice job, i also like that chrome rack ... you did well getting the toms so cheap ... mine are running at £73 per drum as i had to pay postage on the tom drums and also went for Roland mesh heads and cones for spot on PD, double ended chrome lugs, mount brackets and UFO Rim Rubbers from the usa.

    Another Dave
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      I've found rim rubbers to be more hassle than their worth... they seem to wear through really quickly (happened within a few weeks with my old MiGe 12" Snare trigger) though maybe that's just my heavy handed and sloppy technique

      I looked at getting the UFO cones too but thought I'd try cutting my own foam first... especially given the large variety of packaging and acoustic treatment foam I have lying around to choose from (in this case, used some medium density seat cushion type foam) so far, they are working just fine. The TD-6 does allow some fairly useful tweaking of the trigger settings which does help an awful lot with this.


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        Hi Dave, great photos. Do you have any other info on building your trigger rails or the cones you made? I'm thinking about going for it and as a newbie, I could use all the help I can get. Thanks!!