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My Diy drums finished (almost)

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  • My Diy drums finished (almost)

    I have been flicking through the pages on this site for about a year, bought all the parts for the drums months ago but never got round to actually building them. Finally finished school so I decided to spend a couple of days building and here they are :

    My Kit

    12" snare and floor tom

    10" tom next to my old koby pad

    They used to have a wine red wrap on but the masking tape residue wouldnt come off.

    Size comparison against old pad

    Only thing I have left is to finish another floor tom and update the rack, which I am also building (need the same tubes as mds-20/td-20 if any one wants to sell me 4 tubes).
    Thanks for the information provided on this forum!

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    great looking diy
    what did you use for the trim?


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      Thanks. I used car door trim for the rim, bought off ebay, think it came from or was made for a mini originally.


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        Did u buy the plastic basket in the drum? was it expensive? nice kit ...

        Is that a wood finish? i know what you mean about the sticky stuff off the wrap, i had to sand with a power sander to get rid of it ... i have seen odd rack tubes and brackets on Ebay Uk i extended mine down one side that way for £18.
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          I actually ordered the baskets from roland uk spares dept. I think they cost around £7 each and they didnt charge postage. yep its a wood finish, just got to varnish or seal it but i'm still thinking about putting a wrap on it. The rack tubes im looking for are the curved ones becuase I have bought the mds-20 metal clamps but they only fit curved tubes as I found out when I tried to put my original rack stuff on it.
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            Very polished finish!!
            Great job there mate.

            Baskets aye??
            Wonder if you can get them for smaller toms like 8 inch???


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              very neat result for 2 days work! Roland will be worried, we're getting too good at this !


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                Cheers for the comments!
                Would be good if they did 8" but I dont think they do, its just the pd-102 + pd-125 with the baskets. I am liking the quotes mystic fred.