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DIY Edrum links outside the US. Here's the place for your links, materials, etc.

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    This is the link to the cone seller:

    I was really just searching and found them out of curiosity; I only use a cone in my snare and all the toms have side-mounted triggers. I use a soft stress ball as a cone and it works like a charm, so I don't really need to purchase any. My kit is *almost* finished (been telling myself that for the last, oh, 8 years...), just need to sort a few things out, by which I mean that -hopefully- I can stop obsessively searching for materials that might go on the kit, squeezing every foam and rubber I lay my eyes on... It's got to a point that I just want to play on it.

    Cool kit you have there - I wish I had the space for a proper-sized kit, but unfortunately I had to keep it small.

    I don't have much to show after all this time:
    because progress always comes in short bursts due to a lack of time. Just need to replace that wedge-shaped cymbal and add a couple more, sort out the cabling and change the rack configuration, and I should be good to go. It triggers very well and all the electronics, module included, are DIY, so it's taken quite a lot of work over time.
    MegaDrum module, DIY A2E pads, DIY hall effect 3 zone hi hat, DIY 1, 2 & 3 zone cymbals, DIY kick beater triggers on DIY modded longboard, direct drive pedals, DIY triple driver IEMs, El Cheapo buttkicker. Various VSTs running in a tweaked Linux Mint. kit pics thread


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      Haha... I do the same - every time I see foam or rubber or almost any material I have to touch and squeeze it to see if it would be a better material on my drums... lol

      Your kit looks decent man, especially the cymbals (saw your post on them, good stuff)! How do you rate the Megadrum module? Is it easy to use etc? Or if I have the cash am I better off with a TD-20/30 (or even a Trigger I/O or TD-6 plugged into a PC)?

      By the way I got a response from the company on Alibaba (I have an account on there so can chat with them locally). They are happy to do small orders, and confirmed that they are built for electronic drums (wouldn't say which company they are supplying them to though, however they said they are supplying it to the "third company in the chain, not the end seller", and that it wasn't Yamaha or Roland - not sure which companies are paying third parties to build their cymbals for them?). They are a lot smaller than normal cones though, but at $1 US a cone it's cheap (they are actually sending me 20 as a free sample - if you are dealing with suppliers on Alibaba always tell them you are a company looking to mass produce thousands of drumkits, but that you are in testing/evaluation phase - they are far more likely to want to deal with you and send you stuff for free).

      Cone is 16.3mm high, rest of dimensions in mm. CatchECE8.jpg
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        16.3 mm high and a diameter of 20 mm? Those things are tiny! That's roughly half the size of a regular cone.

        I like the Megadrum module primarily because it's DIY (and also much cheaper if you build it yourself), but also because it has a ton of inputs and accepts practically any kind of pad, with an extensive range of parameters for fine-tuning. I can't compare it to any other module because I've never tried a commercial module. From what I've gathered, from others' opinions and from videos, my own experience, etc., it can be made to trigger just as well as any other module, but achieving that may (or may not) take a lot, and I mean a lot of patience. If you aren't afraid of tweaking, testing and tweaking again until you get things performing right (I don't mind doing that, for me the challenge is part of the fun), it's a very powerful piece of gear. If you are prone to frustration and aren't interested in learning how a heap of different parameters affect triggering, it might not be a good idea.
        MegaDrum module, DIY A2E pads, DIY hall effect 3 zone hi hat, DIY 1, 2 & 3 zone cymbals, DIY kick beater triggers on DIY modded longboard, direct drive pedals, DIY triple driver IEMs, El Cheapo buttkicker. Various VSTs running in a tweaked Linux Mint. kit pics thread


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          Yer I know, proper diddy little things eh? I assume they must be for pads like the Roland PD-85 where the depth is much shallower so doesn't accomodate a full sized cone. Really this small size isn't great use to me in my current designs, but I will try one out to see if having a smaller cone improves performance. I notice rolands cones are very tall, and if you are a hard hitter the top nipple part of the cone moves slightly when you hit your mesh head (this is a Roland drum I'm talking about, not a self build!). I always thought a wider nipple or a larger diamater than height may correct this.

          Sounds like I'll go for a TD-20 or something eventually then... or maybe a TD-10 EXP (honestly I think the TD-10EXP sounds better live than the TD-20... call me crazy but this was discussed 5 or so years ago and I believe the general consensus agreed!) I already have enough other gear to learn to use at the moment (the SynthAxe, my Roland JD-XA, my MiniNova, my newest Korg Sampler purchase... all bought in the last few months - arg I have serious GAS for all musical equipment hahahaha).


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            I don't have any Roland foam cones so had to go off some measurements I found online. Gave the company my new drawing (see attached) and should be receiving 10 free samples in the next few days. If they are really good I should be able to sell them over the forum for cheaper than any other cone out there.
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              When you need cheap foam cones let me know.
              I have a special machine to make them.
              If you need trigger Platforms let me also know.




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                5mm PVC tubing for rim silencer/protection


                No affiliation to seller, just a decent price.


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                  For those needing curved membrane edge switches (dual zone / choke capability) for doing DIY cymbals I sell them on this forum in a range of sizes, as well as bell sizes. Check out the thread:


                  (As for the foam cones the company I was dealing with went bust! haha... Nevermind, might bring this back if people want it enough.)
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                    I'd like to make some cones, but I don't find any Poron seller like McMaster-Carr in Europe