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    Maplins is f-ed up. They ship to greece, but not Sweden or Norway.


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      Originally posted by Bencthemusicman View Post
      Any update on that gold acrylic Dougie?

      I now have a heat gun so might give it a shot.
      Affraid not sorry mate, I havnt tocuhed the A2E side of things for the past couple of months been getting my Alesis Trigger, Notebook, M Audio USB sound, Alberton 7 and EZ Drummer all bought, fingers crossed tonight I should have them all setup with the current dd505 kit and sounding awsome. Then its time to concentrate on the A2E conversion again.


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        What do you think of your M Audio? i've got the 410 firewire and i'm not so keen.

        The hardware is great but i keep having to adjust the sample rate up then down again to reset it in order to get it to work (nearly everytime I start up).

        Also what do you think of ableton?

        I learnt on cubase and am finding Logic a bit difficult to navigate around.

        Sorry for all the questions!

        My kit 25/02/09

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          No worries mate, well so far I havnt actually got the M-Audio working!!!

          Think Ive got it down to the fact for some reason the person who I bought it off has sent a 12v 1000ma ac adaptor with the unit instead of a 9v 1000ma one, which Im told is why Im having real problems getting any audio out of the unit.

          I found the right adaptor onlien yesturday so hopefully fingers crossed, the fact the guy has been running it on 12v wont have burnt it out and I might finally start to get some decent sounds from the unit.

          As far as Alberton goes I dont think its anything special but I really dont try and use its power I litrally only use it to setup the latenty with the ASIO driver and then load EZ Drummer with it, havnt had to do much else with it yet hehe.


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            Bit of an Update now Ive got it all working, the M-Audio Audiohpile USB is great now I have the correct power supply ive got it down to 6ms latency or something tiny and it still sound great. Really pleased with it now

            As far Alberton goes it seems really good although to be fair all I use it for is open it up and double click addictive drums thats it lol Im not really using its potential!

            Just currently setting up my Alesis Trigger so its 100% for my drumming style then I can concentrate on the A2E conversion so I can stop using the noisy DD505 cymbals and pads Im currently using, the stick noise on the rubber pads and plastic cymbals is so lound you end up having to turn the drum noises up to a high level to play acoustically that it makes you wonder why you had an electric kit in the first place!

            Can wait to get some nice mesh heads on an acoustic kit and find a way of making some plastic cymbals quiet!
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              Originally posted by hampis
              I don't really understand what you mean ?

              What makes u think maplins should prefer norway than Greece ?

              btw.did u get those VEX from the money u saved from that DIY u did ?
              Maplins won't ship to Norway, but Greece is okay apparently. It's just on the other side of Europe while Norway is a day away with ferry.

              No VEX. Nothing beats software.


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                Anybody know where to get foam from in the UK for making cones? I've seen a few posts with people using sanding blocks, are these the standard cork sanding blocks or a different kind?
                Cheers guys.

                [edit] I just found these on ebay
                Would they be any good?


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                  (this is ment for BenCtheMusicMan) hey just a thought.why don't you buy a clamp for your hh stand and clamp it to your rack then fold the legs up so you can play your doubles properly.


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                    Self build spares and extra's

                    Hello Gang!

                    Just found this place on eBay for all us UK and Europe builders, great prices if you compaire and products look good.

                    I have just bought hoops and lugs for a snare conversion will let you know what the service/goods are like but so far it's been plain sailing.


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                      nzdrummer - I've thought about it in th past but hardly ever use my double pedal.

                      Plus the more thats attached to your rack the more things you have to worry about cross talking.

                      Iant - the sanding blocks are those grey foam ones. I've seen them in packs of four at the pound shop... you'l never guess how much for...

                      My kit 25/02/09

                      Share the knowledge and evolve together.


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                        Clear PVC for Damping Cymbals Etc

                        Not sure if anyone's mentioned this here... I use the 2mm stuff:


                        Works a treat!
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                          RE: Clear PVC for Damping Cymbals Etc

                          Hi Computerman.

                          Could you upload some photos please?
                          Have you stuck it down at all?

                          Cymbals are my main problem now, i've got a two zone ride going but its not anywhere near accurate, I'm thinking damping would help.
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                          My kit 25/02/09

                          Share the knowledge and evolve together.


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                            NEW ZEALANDERS ONLY!!!!! If your looking for diy stuff for your drums look in jaycar electronics they have piezos jacks everything!! they also sell the huge mouse pads that are thick so you can use them as cymbal pads if you put them on some acoustic cymbals with a trigger!


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                              I went with for my jacks, piezos and a few other bits and pieces. If you're willing to solder your own piezos, they sell 25mm ones without leads for $1 each.

                              Digikey is also good for piezos and other electronic stuff, and they ship to NZ, although alot of their stock is missing photos, so it's hard to tell, for example, whether a really cheap piezo comes with wire soldered on or not.


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                                ok guys, just thought I'd post some info on prices of some genuine Roland spares ( UK )

                                1 x PD80 sensor cushion ( cone ) : 3.37
                                Delivery : 3.00
                                VAT : 0.96

                                TOTAL : 7.33

                                3 x PD80 6.5mm (1/4") Jacks : 0.79 each
                                Delivery : 3.00
                                Vat : 0.81

                                TOTAL : 6.18

                                Roland UK Swansea ph 01792 702 701