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Expression pedal as hi hat controller

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  • Expression pedal as hi hat controller

    Thanks for a great forum!!

    Has anyone plugged an expression pedal (such as Roland EV5?) into the hi hat controller jack of a TD-3...yeah, I know, I'm doing something wierd..

    ...and no, I'm not planning to use it to modify the actual "hi hat" sound, just something else I'm looking at assigning to that input..

    Just want to try something out and thought I'd ask the question before I did something that let the smoke escape..

    Cheers from here!

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    A Roland EV-5 has been used on various modules as a secondary hi-hat pedal on a Y-cable with an FD pedal, as a means of setting the hi-hat to half-open or closed without a foot on the FD pedal.

    But I don't think it would do anything with other sounds, as only hi-hat sounds are programmed in the module to respond to the hi-hat input (except Pitch Control, which the TD-3 doesn't have).