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Where to find clear PVC to damp cymbals?

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  • Where to find clear PVC to damp cymbals?

    Hi, I cannot find that clear and thick PVC you all use to dampen the cymbals. What exactly is that material? What kind of shop can I find it? How is it sold? as a roll or as sheets? Which is the thickness recommended?


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    See the following post:



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      try pvc carpet runner, cheaper and easier to get hold of. Works great


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        I know someone that used PVC "Shower Pan Liner" and he said it works great. He said that he purchased it from Home Depot. I think he said it was either 30mil or 40mil.



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          I cheated a bit because PVC material that was thick enough was impossible to locate throughout Ireland. I tried industrial door strips and they were too thick and affected the "swing" of the cymbals. In the end I bought thinner pvc (the type used for auto windscreens on soft-tops/ camping windows for tents etc) and doubled it up using UHB double sided tape in between the layers. It looks great and is much lighter than the thicker stuff. It is also more readily available.
          Must add that I stuck one layer down to the base of the cymbal and then added a second layer at 90 degrees to the first. I did not try sticking two layers of the pvc together before mounting it to the cymbal. May be possible though! The lighter pvc is easy to cut and shape around a cymbal too.
          Very happy with the result. The first pic is with a flash and over accentuates the tape lines. The last pic is in natural light and you can see the undersides of a few of the cymbals in it.
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