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rubber material for cymbal recommendations?

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  • rubber material for cymbal recommendations?

    I need some advice, I've got some metal cymbals that need a dampener for the stick noise, I've got some gum rubber, but I was wondering if there was a clear material that anyone has used? Or is gum rubber the best choice? If there's another choice, where's a good place to get it?

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    Gum rubber seems to have the concensus, but I have a feeling it's less used than you'd think. I used a thin mousepad after removing the mousing surface, glued it to the cymbal with rubber cement, and it works really well after adjusting the pad properties to compensate.

    I moved my secondary (bell) sensor outside of the mousepad coverage area, and play that area of the cymbal directly in order to achieve faultless triggering of the bell sound.

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      I'm heading down the DYI cymbal path myself. Unfortunately there's no stickies to help us along the way for individual projects. Anyway, culled from a search of "PVC dampening".

      Go to http://www.mcmaster.com

      This is the gum rubber for the striking surface 87145K83.

      This is the PVC dampening for the underside 87875K37.

      Somewhat pricey overall.


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        I haven't been able to locate a post that specifies the product used to adhere the PVC to the cymbal bottom. I read a long, long post where various spray-on adhesives were tried but there appeared to be no definitive conclusion. I've seen references to tape but no specific as to the specific product. Anyone?


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          OK, I've finally found my answer.

          Double Sided Clear Acrylic Tape "Killer Red Tape"

          Very expensive at $36.70 shipped for a single 1" x 36 yard roll. Stupid shipping is $15 for a single roll of tape. That really burns me. Anyway, I'm assuming that's probably enough to stick PVC sheeting to 6-10 cymbals depending on their size. Surely some spray adhesive would be more cost effective and easier, not to mention MUCH FASTER, to apply assuming it offered acceptable bonding performance. Add in the cost of the PVC and a DYI brass cymbal using these methods gets very pricey quickly. But after reading a lengthy spray adhesive thread I'm discouraged to waste more time and money and product re-hashing that. But my neighbor is a Locktite salesman so I can theoretically try any of their adhesives.

          Someone else found this seller. Looks to be the same product, no difference in the price, and they only appear to offer the 1/2" roll which means twice the labor to apply the tape. http://www.tapplastics.com/shop/product.php?pid=411&
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            @#$%^!!! I didn't notice that this product http://www.mcmaster.com Gum rubber for the striking surface part # 87145K83 is OFF WHITE and not BLACK which is what I had in mind. Was planning on using it on some Pintech Visulites which are sharply noisey.


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              FYI - they don't offer black gum rubber at all. "Unfortunately, the only other color we have is tan, which would be part number 8633K34."


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                87145K83 for homemade SPD pads too?

                Would you also recommend 87145K83 for a homemade SPD-type pad as well or is their something more bouncy that would be better?

                Thanks, look forward to the reply.
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                  Some pictures of the "off white" which I think is much more cream colored than white. Has a strong yellowish hue to it. Pretty unattractive on black Pintech Visulites. Not so bad against brass acoustics. Kind of hard to photograph in general due to it being somewhat shiny when using a flash, plus the shine of the cymbals. But should give you an idea.

                  Note this stuff is HEAVY. Unsure how heavy, but it's heavy.

                  Note I haven't tried any of the gum rubber yet as I find it too hideous. I would personally steer you to some other product.

                  Pintech Visulite. Note the cymbal has some self-adhesive mouse-mat type material on it. No idea what it is, came free as packing material for some other items I bought. Kind of timely, so I cut some and stuck it on to give it a try. A little thick and really kills the action. The black foam, that is. No flash on this pic.

                  Against a cheap, dirty brass cymbal. Used a flash.