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how to make elec rotas

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  • how to make elec rotas

    I've been scouring the D.I.Y for a while now and have been inspired to have a go making a conversion ....

    I've bought these of the bay

    I've ordered a 8" + 10" mesh head and need to find a 6" .... any ideas ???

    also I'm pretty good with solder and fitting stuff but am struggling knowing what exactly to by in the cone and piezo area ....

    any help appreciated plz folks ...

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    There's a few electro roto conversions on this forum. I recently did an e-conversion on mine which I am about to upgrade with mesh heads. I have just tried a new experiment and am waiting for the epoxy glue to dry. If it works as well as I hope, I'll post the results in my Kit Pics thread


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      Here's Jman's thread...a must read.
      chris :D


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        Thanks guy's.

        any help appreciated in building but any ideas if I can get an off the shelf 6" mesh?


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          Pintech make 6" mesh heads but they are expensive. That's why I made my own


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            You could forget the mesh altogether...
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              Originally posted by computerman View Post
              You could forget the mesh altogether...
              yeh good point ! .... I need a silent kit to practice without upsetting the neighbours so thought mesh and peizo's would work best? .... I see you have converted your roto's to Elect-ro-totoms ! ..... any advice on how would be cool???

              I am well impressed with your kit computerman ..... now thats a real case of GAS !!!


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                HERE'S the details of my DIY mesh head construction and my e Roto conversion, Elmer. I just posted this today.


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                  Cheers Sp thats great !

                  Well done they look really professional

                  I've now got mine with 8" & 10" Roland mesh heads and I'm going to follow your lead on the 6" ....

                  If you have time the assembly and part list for the cone - peizo's would be a real help ?

                  have you any thoughts on rubber for the rim when doing the dual trigger ???

                  Can't tell you how impressed I am with your DIY ....


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                    Thanks heaps Elmer. Much of what I have done with my DIY projects are a combination of things I've learnt through this forum and some improvisation using what I've learnt through years of working with electronics.

                    The foam cones are hand made, cut out carefully with a pair of sharp dressmaking scissors from my sewing kit. The foam is from a piece I selected from a big bag of offcuts from Clark Rubber for $5

                    The piezo's are from Jaycar Electronics and are 27mm.

                    I bought some clear PVC tubing from Bunnings Warehouse which I am going to try for the rims. I haven't added it yet though so I don't know how quiet or durable it will be yet but I chose clear in order to keep the acoustic look.

                    Good luck with your DIY. Looking forward to seeing your results