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Mounting Rotos to Roland/Gibby Rack?

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  • Mounting Rotos to Roland/Gibby Rack?

    If I do an A-to-E on a set of Rototoms, is there a way to actually mount them onto a Gilbraltar or Roland rack? I'm considering doing the conversion to 12, 14, 16 and 18" Rotos, so I imagine if it were possible, Gilbraltar would be the sturdier of the two. Can this be done? And if so, anyone recommend a particular Gilbraltar rack? Thanks folks...


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    I have my Roto's mounted to my cage which is made partially from two MDS-3C's and it is very stable so any of the Gibby racks will be more than sufficient. They have a ton of hardware mount options too.


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      Here's just one of many from MF. Don't know squat about how rotos mount these days but that clamp takes a standard 7/8" rod...with an adjustable tom arm and ISS mounts you can mount most any drum by the rim...can't spin them though
      chris :D


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        Kris: I have my rotos mounted on a Gibraltar rack using Pearl ISS mounts clamped to the rims and regular Pearl tom mounts in the Gibby rack clamps. Works great. As Chris mentioned, you can't spin 'em. However, with converted rotos, that's really not a big deal as you don't need to tune them. I just keep a pair of pliers handy and give the carriage bolt a twist 'til the tension is right. Attached is a pic from a website I found which shows the idea.

        As to which Gibraltar rack to recommend - structurally, they're all the same I think. Pick the one that suits your setup best.
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          That is awesome richp123!! I'm stealing that idea for sure!...Do you have a shot of how you put the trigger assembly together from underneath?



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            Hi, David: I haven't got any shots, sorry - but there are a number of threads on this subject here - just use the search engine. Here's JMans version (dual zone):