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dual-zone wiring question

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  • dual-zone wiring question

    Hi, I have a dm5 and I'm building a diy kit from a rhythm traveler set. On my snare and ride cymbal, I'd like to make them dual zone. For example, on my snare, I'd have shell and head piezos so I can trigger a snare sound from the head piezo and a cross stick sound from the shell piezo. I'd use a TRS cable and split the signal at the dm5 to use two inputs.

    I'd like to wire my ride similar with a bell piezo and a piezo where I hit the cymbal for a regular ride sound.

    I'd like only one piezo to be triggered at a time for each stick hit (meaning I won't have a rimshot option for the snare). How do I wire this setup? Can I simply share the black wire between the two piezos (sleeve) and use a TRS cable? Is it that simple, or am I missing something?

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    For something like the DM5 it is that easy.
    The tricky part is only having one sound play at a time.
    For the DM5, essentially a dual zone trigger is two single pads. You could use Groups to make sure that only one of those sounds plays at a time, but the DM5 only has 2 mute groups (I believe) and one is used for the hi-hat sounds.


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      Thanks Michael... I'll give it a try with the 2nd mute group