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Testing DIY triggers through a TD-20 but going to use a Trigger IO...??

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  • Testing DIY triggers through a TD-20 but going to use a Trigger IO...??

    I have access to a TD-20 module (from our church) that I can use to test my DIY triggers as I get them built. But will the piezo wiring to the jacks be compatible with both a TD-20 and with the Alesis Trigger IO? Because I'll ultimately be using the Trigger IO going into my computer and not the TD-20.

    Or, I may want to one day bring my DIY kit up to the church and just plug into the TD-20 instead of using the Roland pads.

    Does the piezo/jack wiring matter going from one to the other ??

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    Shouldnt matter as long as you selet PP in the setup on the IO.
    All inputs on the IO are dual, so single or dual shouldnt matter.


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      The TD-20 dual inputs I think require a keith raper circuit - with the 100 ohm resister on the 'rim' input. The IO doesn't need this. I use a standard stereo to dual (tip/ring) splitters to get 2 single input pads to a dual input on the IO. It is my understanding that this WON'T work on a TD-20. If that is true, then there is a difference. Any reason you don't have the IO? it's pretty cheap. And, I've heard some issues with Roland pads working on the IO. If you test your pads on the TD-20 and get them to work, it might be problematic. I would really suggest getting an IO and testing it on the hardware you are going to use.

      If it were the other way around, cost is a factor, but the IO is pretty affordable.

      Here's a current thread with a similar question:
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