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What to do for cymbals

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  • What to do for cymbals

    Ok so it has been a LONG time since I've posted on here or lurked about, but I've been so busy with moving, having the city shut down my apartment building and dealing with all sorts of stuff... I'm finally ready to get this DIY project over with. The last thing I need to call this puppy done are cymbals.

    I've got:

    Alesis Trigger I/O
    M-Audio Delta 1010
    E6600 + 4 GB of Ram + 1.2 TB of storage on three drives
    BFD 1.5
    Addictive Drums (or Addicting I forget the actual Title)
    All the actual DRUM pads done
    All my cables and extras

    I need:
    Superior Drummer 2.0 (I can get along without it, I just want it)
    BFD 2 (I can get along without it, I just want it)

    My question for you DIY gurus would be this: What would be your suggestion for cymbals. I want something professional looking and durable. I also would need Hats, 2 crashes, and a Ride... for now. I've looked at Smartriggers, Surge (By Alesis), Ecymbals, and the Roland Ones. DIY is an option for me since I have some acoustic cymbals laying around I won't use, but I dont want these to be an ongoing project to keep them working.

    Could you guys post up some recommendations on what you think I should do or any experiences you've had with these cymbals. I'm more concerned on durability then the ability of the cymbal to mock real ones, however I don't want to just buy rubber pads.

    Thanks for reading,
    Shameless Plug:

    www.myspace.com/rcstatic (I'm the bass player :cool: )

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    I didn't need chokeable crashes so I bought a pair of Paiste 101 hi hats online, maybe $40. The Radio shack piezo and project box, some adhesive foam for the bottom, a $2 mouse pad and 3M adhesive and they were done. I filled the project box with foam so the piezo won't come loose. Been smacking them for about a year and a half with no problems! Nothing peeling off, or falling off, and they cost me about $75 for the pair.

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    Edrums- KD-120, PD-125 (3), PD-105 (3), Yamaha PCY155, PCY-135 (4)
    Module - Roland TD20X
    Software - Pro Tools and Toontrack Superior


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      I'm about to order a Zildjian ZBT pack from Guitar Center. It comes with 14" hats, 16" crash, 18" crash, and 20" ride. Then I'm ordering stealth trigger assemblies from Jman to use with all of those.

      You should check out the website in his profile to see some of his work displayed on video. It's pretty incredible. They look the part and trigger very well, from the looks of it. I can't wait to get mine ordered and assembled. I'll take plenty of pics and also video once they're complete.

      Gear: TD-12 module, CY-14C crash, Yamaha PCY-135 crash, CY-12R/C crash, CY-15R/C ride, CY-12C & FD-7 hi-hat setup, MDS-12 rack, PD-125 snare, PD-85 rack toms, PD-105 floor tom, Presonus FP10, MacBook Pro 13", Superior Drummer 2.3, Logic 9 Studio, JH Audio JH-5 Pro IEM, Sennheiser HD-280 Pro cans, Gretsch Renown maple acoustic kit (Zildjian cymbals, Remo heads, Gibraltar/DW hardware)