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DIY Bass Drum?

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  • DIY Bass Drum?

    I have been thinking about making an electric bass drum, but i was wondering how natural it would feel?
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    My a-kit

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    That completely depends on what type of trigger/pad you make.

    i've used a Remo practice pad and converted it. i've taken the head off and made a mesh one (left the padding in) its not the same as my acoustic but then its an electric kit not an acoustic kit.

    My kit 25/02/09 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=anzGxUMv3U4

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      It also depends on what your idea of natural is. There are a lot of different bass drums, bass drum pedals, bass drum heads all tuned differently and they all feel different to play. I made a 13'' mesh head kick, it certainly has more bounce than an acoustic drum but over time I have become very used to the feel of it. Theres a lot of good info here on building drum pads and the kick is a good project to start with as they are the easiest and you will learn a lot about how Edrums work...
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