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help with remo versatilic setup?

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  • help with remo versatilic setup?

    Figured I'd ask here since I know the versatilic is used a lot in DIY...

    I don't think I have mine set up properly -- it twists too easily. There is a metal plate, approximately I don't know, 2" x 4" that is on the central rod. Where does it go? At the top near the arms or at the bottom near the base plate? I have it at the top and when I push on any of the arms, that plate rotates in place which I don't think it is supposed to do. However, I can't figure out a way to make it not rotate. I must have it set up wrong but I cant find a place that describes it. The joy of craigslist.

    that said, once I get it set up, DIY here I come!