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Rack Mounting

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  • Rack Mounting

    Maybe a silly question. When you guys talk about putting a module in a "rack mountable" case, are you talking about:

    1. A case that has some sort of mechanism for clamping onto the tube of a drum rack.


    2. A case that is designed to slide into a server rack, such as what's described here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/19-inch_rack

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    Generally, we'd be talking about the latter. Imagine hanging a computer from a drum rack and the problems the vibrations would cause! The 19inch rack is an industry standard thing in audio and computers so if you're combining the two, it makes perfect sense!


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      Rack mounting.


      I think the rack-mount comments you're picking up on refer to various types of flight case that incorporate a standard 19" mounting system to transport/protect audio gear.
      I use an SKB unit to house some rack gear ( See pic ). I personally wouldn't rack mount my module in a flightcase because it needs to be easily reached, and the tried and tested position seems to be on the drum rack. Added to that the cabling is much neater when it's restricted to the drum rack.
      My Roland TD-20 and Yamaha DTXreme modules are not truly rack-mountable although they can be adapted to a 19" rack via a tray. The Alesis DM5 & DM PRO modules are rack mountable.

      Hope that helps

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