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DIY 14" snare?

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  • DIY 14" snare?

    I am thinking about building a 14" DIY snare. Will this be capable of positional sensing? What about rim shots?

    I have my old (slightly warped!) CB700 8 lug metal snare that will be used as the host. If I have to drill -- I may take a look at craig's list or Ebay or GC for used gear (I have a 10 lug Tama Artwood maple snare that I have never used but I am not touching that! Dying to play it but it is too loud!). Or I could make my own shell -- I think.

    Anyway ... Would this be similar to a $350+ Rolanld/Hart product in terms of feel and triggering? Let me know. Thanks.

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    I just finished converting my Pearl 13" tom into an E trigger and posi sensing (when plugged into my snare input) works perfectly


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      I read that. Thanks!


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        I have a 14" chrome snare with a diy mesh head and a rim and center trigger installed. I just got my Gretsch Catalina today that is my next A to E. I'm going to be listing my old stuff for sale this weekend if your looking to buy one?


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          Here's my build thread where I gave a fairly exhaustive account of my snare build. My 13" snare works GREAT! (I did a 14" snare first). That's not to say 13" is better than 14" - I think if I go back and apply some of my lessons learned to my 14" it would perform as well. Moot point, as I now have a 5 1/2 x 14 with the hammered gold wrap I will set up when I have time. I have been pleased enough with the results that I sold my PD-120 on ebay, so I am totally DIY now.

          -- Fred
          Roland TD-10exp, DIY 13" snare, DIY toms, DIY mesh Bass Trigger, Roland CY-15r, CY-8, CY-5, and Pintech PC cymbals


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            You can convert any of your drums. You can use the standard heads or you can use mesh heads. Hart Dynamics makes great mesh heads in most sizes. Whereas, Roland is very limited. I have noticed that it takes a lot more tweaking on larger drums to get it to trigger properly due, to vibrations.
            Here are two pics. #1 Top view of converted kit. #2 top view of my V-drums. t. I use my converted 13" piccolo on both sets. It has the main trigger on the bridge frame and the rim trigger is attached to the shell. I get a nice rim shot and click.
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