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Game port to MIDI cable pinout?

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  • Game port to MIDI cable pinout?

    Does anyone have diagram to make up a Game Port to MIDI cable?

    I am waiting on my USB->MIDI cable to arrive, but its been suggested that I could go on and use my main PC (which has a sound card/MIDI interface) already just to install the VEX kits that I want.

    This is a brilliant idea, but I am having trouble finding how to make the cable.

    I have the connectors (15pin D-type and some DIN plugs).. I also have the pinouts of the connectors.. But I am a bit nervous of working out the cable myself.. Just incase I get the polarity wrong, or the Input/Outputs the wrong way around...

    Does anyone know of a 'diagram' which explains the pinout of the cable that I need?


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    you will need a couple parts using this one but it should protect your computer.

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    I haven't tried it but it looks to be good

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      I have tried it, and it works. I think this is the exact same website where I found the same schematics 10 years ago when I built mine!
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