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Alien skin 2 ply mesh heads at ufo.com

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  • Alien skin 2 ply mesh heads at ufo.com

    Are the Alien skin 2 ply mesh heads at ufo.com similar to the discontinued 2 ply Hart dynamics heads. They are both black. I was wondering if anyone was familiar with those heads. I have the 2 ply black Harts on my kit and I need one more 12" head for an additional tom.

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    The Alien skin 2 ply is plain black. I've got a couple and am very happy with them. They're heaps better than the meshead.com heads UFO is clearing.
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      I have the Alienskin two-ply heads on all four of my toms, and the single-ply hart Magnums on my snare and bass triggers. The Alienskin's are a very fine mesh, approximately as fine (threads per inch) as the roland heads, but it seems like the mesh is made of a finer thread than the Rolands, thus they feel a little lighter. I do not have any experience with the double-ply Harts, but I notice the single-ply Harts have a noticeably coarser weave. Sorry if this does not directly answer your question, but hopefully it fills in some of the info you're looking for.

      Personal preference: I really like the Hart single-ply, ESPECIALLY on my snare, but the UFO's work fine on the toms. The Hart single-ply, IMHO, has great feel, and I think the coarser weave gives it great response for brush sweeps (even better than Roland). I think it all comes down to what you like at this point.
      Roland TD-10exp, DIY 13" snare, DIY toms, DIY mesh Bass Trigger, Roland CY-15r, CY-8, CY-5, and Pintech PC cymbals