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Floor Tom to rack mount?

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  • Floor Tom to rack mount?

    Anyone mounting the floor toms to racks and if so what clamp are you using. I have a Gibraltar rack and wanted to use some room on the right side for a
    mounted floor tom.

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    OK, so just how big is this floor tom?


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      16"x16" Standard Ludwig floor tom.


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        I did this on my kit. I flipped the drum upside down and switched the batter and resonance head. Then I left two of the floor tom leg brackets on the drum and removed the third. I used two L-rods that I mounted to my rack to hang the floor tom by the leg brackets. It works great, plus I was able to raise it to the same height as my rack tom beside it. Hope this helps!


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          I know Gibraltar and others make suspension systems that connect to your tom via the tension rods. No modification necessary. I just remember them being a tad expensive.


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            these should work




            and then you need either a floor tom mount or somthing to go on it... not sure how sturdy a 16" one would be though... but if they make them it must be ok? (or am i just being naive?)

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              I have similar mounts on my 'big' kit. Works perfectly well with a 16" ft. However, when I have my kit in a 2 down config, I find it saggs a bit too much on the stand I use so I'm going to invest in a set of rim mounted legs. Its fine if I only have 1 floor tom, but for some reason when its on the extra stand it just slopes down too much and makes placement a pain. If I had a rack it'd be completely different but I dont have the money for one of those as well!


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                Thanks guys!!! I'm working on my second A toE conversion and I went with full sized shells this time.


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                  English would be prefered!