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Hi hat issues

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  • Hi hat issues

    I know very little about how the hi hat pedal works, so any advice would be great. The problem I'm having is this: When I press down on the pedal, it sounds like the hats are still open, unless I press really hard. Even then they sometimes sound like they are opening all the way and closing tight when I haven't changed the amount of pressure on the pedal at all. I've tried adjusting the pedal height, but it doesn't change anything. Any ideas?

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    -What pedal do you have? It's a bit hard to say what's wrong if we don't know which one it is.

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      I guess that would help. It's an FD-7


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        Sounds like you've just got a simple continuity issue. If pressing really hard makes it work, albiet marginally accurately, then something isn't touching as cleanly as it should to complete the loop for your switch (switch, being the foot switch, being the pedal itself).

        Crack it open, have a look, and clean it out..if that's possible. I don't have an FD7, so I'm just guessing about that part.


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          I have an FD-8 I purchased off eBay. When it arrived, it was surrounded by those micro styrofoam beads. Cleaned the exterior off and tried to put it to work with similar results as yours. I cracked it open and thoroughly cleaned out the toe boogers, hair and aforementioned beads and it is working as expected now. Let us know if that works for ya.
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