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A way to silence my Remo conversion?

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  • A way to silence my Remo conversion?

    Any one know any tricks for making my converted Remo practice kit a little more quiet? Particularly for the bass drum pad, but I'd really like a lot less smack when I play on everything.

    If I bought some mesh heads, would they fit, and would they protect the piezos?

    Or is there something I can put on top of the current heads?

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    I opened mine up pulled out all the stuff, mounted a foam cone on the piezo and put a mesh head on it and it works great. I made my own mesh head by cutting all the plastic out and stitching the mesh on. with the kick i did the same thing except i stuffed some foam in around the sensor cone. When i was done i got a little better dynamics, quieter playing, and a better feel.

    good luck


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      My current piezos are mounted to a steel plate that's almost the size of each drum.

      Should I leave that intact, rerun the wiring directly through the plate (so my piexo is facing the head instead of away from it) and just glue a shallow cone to it?

      I never thought to just gut the pads, and try to create some space in there.


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        ok, yeah, i had the same thing. I ripped all the foam, plastic, metal and everything out. I used a small double sided foam disc as big as the ceramic on the piezo to attach it to the bottom of the remo pad(brass down, ceramic up) then put a DIY roland like cone on top of it just enough to touch the head.

        I think the distance between the bottom of the pad and the head was a little long for me so i just stuffed some solid foam under the foam tape holding the piezo.

        If you need me to I think i can open up a pad and take a few pics for you.