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For the heavy handed . . .

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  • For the heavy handed . . .

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    For rims, I used 5233K501 Masterkleer PVC Tubing 3/16" ID, 5/16" OD, 1/16" Wall Thickness from Mcmaster-Carr. Only $0.15 / ft, and has held up well. I also am heavy handed.

    Sorry I can't help you with the real acoustic heads w/ muffles. I would be intrested in the results however.


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      I used this stuff from McMaster Carr. It is almost the same thing that Hart Dynamics sells for the rims and it is tough. I applied a little double sided duct tape over each of the hoops an then put this on, works great. If you want to spend more, get the Hart Dynamics one. I have it on my snare and it stays put with no adhesive. Almost 2 years with rim shots and I can't even see any wear, I think it was about $28, though. I just called them and ordered it directly.

      McMaster Carr Part #8693K22

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