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Best Mesh Head for Positional Detection?

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  • bogiesbad
    I would not think the head matters much except for tension as you can get PD from a rubber pad....as for quality ...Hart heads run a close second to Roland by most accounts I've read here but I'm not sure if it's the new ones or the old ones.

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  • laystay
    started a topic Best Mesh Head for Positional Detection?

    Best Mesh Head for Positional Detection?

    Hey All, I have a 13" dual zone snare with a Pearl single ply mesh head on it. As it is I'm getting pretty decent PD on it but would like to get better. Being that it's 13" a Roland head is nonexistant so my choices are Hart Magnum which are 1 ply, Billy Blast 2ply or Alien Skins 2 ply. Which head would be the best for better positional detection or does it not make a difference? Thanks for any help