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Help... piezo not very sensitive

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  • Help... piezo not very sensitive

    Hey, I'm working on my first piezo trigger edrum and I'm having issues with sensitivity. Here's what I have:
    - Alesis Control Pad using trigger input #1
    - Radio Shack 273-073 piezo (cut out of plastic)
    - 1 pc of dbl-stick foam tape under piezo and above
    - 1.5" of foam above that
    - Pearl mesh head on 12" tom

    The piezo doesn't seem very sensitive at all... I have to wack very hard right on the foam to get it to trigger. I even cut out a Roland-size cone made out of cork to use instead of the foam, and it still barely triggers unless I hit the 1/4" size dot where the head touches the cone.

    Even without the cone and foam, if I tap my finger right on the piezo, I have to tap until it almost hurts to get it to trigger at 100% velocity. Also, the control pad is at the highest sensitivity setting, and I've tried changing polarity.

    Is this normal, or am I doing something wrong?

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    It looks like you've already tried everything I would suggest.

    Does the module have a pad type setting that you could change?
    I am not at all familiar with the Alesis module so hopefully somebody will come along who can suggest some module tweaks to try. Best of luck!

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      Test the piezo leads with a Ohm meter...make sure no solder bleed between ceramic and brass...no cracks on the ceramic or separation from the brass. You should be able to gently tap naked piezo and get a response. Use one or two layers of foam tape below and only flat double stick tape on top for the cone...maybe bad/damaged piezo.
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        Try using double sided tape cut to the size of the ceramic under the piezo. or maybe you already have it that way. Ii solved my sensitivity problems.
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