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My FD8 story

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  • My FD8 story

    I used the fd8 hihat controller for many years with my td3 kit, it comes standard as I'm sure you all know, and was never happy with the volume of the foot closed sound and always thought it was a design problem within the td3. I purchased a td8 module not that long ago, not just for this reason but as an over all upgrade, and was hoping the td8 did not have this same issue but of course it did. Not long after getting the td8 I started to make use of this wonderful forum and was reading all these threads from people with the same volume problem and the different fixes to the problem. I went with the simplest lubrication method and this improved the volume to the level you would expect it to be, but over time I noticed that the foot closed sound was very inconsistent in volume while playing steady 1/4 notes etc. with the foot, and every now and then the foot closed would sound for no reason when holding the hihats closed and playing time on the ride cymbal for example. On closer inspection I noticed the angle at which the metal plate at the toe of the pedal meets the rubber hammer and it seemed to me to be too great of an angle.

    So here's what I did, I took the pedal off by removing the 2 screws under the heel plate, removed the angled metal plate at the toe of the pedal by removing the height adjustment screw, took the angle piece down to my shed and hit it with a hammer and bent it out to approximately a right angle so that it pushes more directly on top the rubber hammer and not to the front like it was.

    Now the foot closed sound is very consistent and even and with lubrication to the rubber hammer provides loads of volume and no more involuntary foot closed sounds. Overall I'm now very happy with the performance of my fd8 combined with a cy8 cymbal as the hihats, I was considering the vh11's but might save my money for awhile as I like the setup of not having a dedicated stand. I think the employees at Roland designed this thing late on a Friday afternoon because it is the most poorly designed piece of garbage they have ever made. The problems that so many people have had with them says it all, but I guess the moral of the story is if it don't work hit it with a hammer.

    By the way I'm not recommending anyone try this! its just what worked for me and I'm happy with the results...
    My Kit